What to Consider with Marble Kitchen Countertops

Marble is by far one of the most highly coveted natural stones in the world. The historic value of marble dates back to the Roman days who recognized it as a symbol of wealth, upper class and stature. In modern day, marble remains just as desired, but it comes with a cost. Marble occurs naturally through extreme pressure and heat placed on limestone by the earth, the resulting transformation results in stunning colours ranging from azure blues, blood reds and pure whites. Marble, like many natural stones makes a great material for a countertop due to it being waterproof and heatproof. To select the best marble kitchen countertop for your home there are many things you should be considering before making any purchase.
The first thing you should familiarize yourself with is information about the various properties of marble. First, because of the way that marble is made, it is waterproof with proper treatment and heatproof. Untreated marble is a porous material that will slowly absorb any liquids that may be on it which can lead to staining. To combat this, you should seal the surface of the marble countertop annually. The material does sometimes scratch, however they can be easily polished out. Chips on the other hand are not repairable.
You are going to want to consider your lifestyle when deciding on a piece of marble for your countertop. If you have kids that are prone to spills or leaving spills for extended periods, you will need to do some additional maintenance to keep the piece of marble beautiful. If you are single or a couple that is quick to clean then marble will be perfect for you.
The next major consideration is the colour of the marble. You will need it to matchthe décor of the renovation, while helping to make the room feel warm and inviting. A small kitchen should use lighter colours; a larger kitchen needs darker colours to make it feel more intimate. The options you have range from:
  • White
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Red
  • Gray
  • Neutrals
  • Orange
  • Brown
  • Black
The next important thing you need to know is the size of the countertop. You also need to account for the sink and whether the sink will mount in the counter or under it. You also should strategically check for any seams and try to hide them as much as possible.
Marble countertops range in price from moderately expensive to extremely expensive, so it is important to know exactly what budget you have to buy the marble. You should also factor in the edge designs, installation, sinks and faucets and the removal of the existing countertop.
Once you have made all of those decisions, you are ready to purchase a beautiful marble countertop. Marble is truly a stunning piece within the home that draws attention, and really makes a statement with anyone who sees it. An investment in a new marble kitchen countertop will be a great and long-lasting product you are going to love.